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Let’s Work Together

Need a voice for your project and don’t know where to start?
You want someone to be the voice of your business but you don’t have the big budget of a national campaign.
Maybe you should get Shannon from Accounting to help. She’s got a great voice but she’s pretty busy.
Any of these sound familiar?
Look, getting a professional to bring your words to life is the right decision.
I can help.

What People Say

“Precise and Fast

It was a real pleasure to work with Lorraine, she is a scrupulous, precise, fast and above all very competent and experienced narrator. I would recommend her to everyone. I will certainly work with her in the future.


“High Quality and Amazing Voice”

Working with Lorraine was very easy. She is experienced with Audible requirements and her communication was fast and clear at all times. I appreciated that she helped me to understand how ACX works because it was my first time there.  Her narration is high quality, and her voice is amazing. What else could I ask for? She was the perfect fit for my project and when I listened to the complete audiobook I was very happy with the result.


“Delivers good work”

I have been working with Lorraine on various projects. She always delivered good work! She is reliable, very professional and has a good sounding voice that works really well on different types of narrations. Plus, she has always delivered all the jobs on time and that is an extremely important thing for my business!


“Great communicator”

I loved working with Lorraine! She’s so easy to work with and such a professional.  She was able to add music to my audiobook and made sure the book was engaging. She is a great communicator, is responsive and the audio files are terrific! If you’re looking for a true professional, hire Lorraine!  I look forward to working with her again!


Lorraine is a professional. She has such a great voice and I think she really captures a reader. She’s the perfect person to use for audiobooks. I will use her again and I HIGHLY recommend her. She did an AMAZING job!