Wellness Strategist/Nutritional Therapist/Life Coach

Wellness is not just about food and exercise. It's also about what you think and feel and how you deal with the daily demands of your life.
It's time to step back and take a good look at where you are and where you'd like to be when it comes to your health.
I help you to discover your personal best in health and happiness.

What food demons are controlling you on a daily basis? In this fun and informative book, you'll learn about the top nine food demons and how you can bring out the angel in your eating patterns. You're only one click away from curbing those demons today!

I know how hard it is to eat healthy when you're always on the go. In a past life I was YOU! That's why I've developed some amazing programs to help you not only get healthy and feel fabulous but also develop a better mindset as well. There's so much more to healthy eating than meets the eye! A great place to start is with my online program: Ditch That Diet Need a more personalized solutions, then let's talk.

Looking for a wellness speaker for your next event?
I have some great topics for you!


Although my journey is only a few months along, the myriad ways I have already changed continues to be a pleasant surprise each and every day.


I found just by changing my mindset based on Lorraine’s suggestions, things have become easier.


It was Lorraine’s guidance that helped me get to the essence of my food desires. I no longer feel overwhelmed; I feel excited, energised, and enabled!