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Mindful Eating



If you have read my book The Devil’s Food Cake Made Me Do It, I have made no secret of my struggle with the “See Food Demon”. I often tell people I am on the See Food Diet. They often respond with “Oh, that’s not bad,” thinking that I refer to sea food.  To which I respond, “No. You don’t understand. I see food, I eat it.” They usually laugh after I say this but it really isn’t a laughing matter. It is a constant struggle. This she devil is tenacious. She and I spar quite regularly. Fortunately, I now win more often than lose and last night was proof.

I joined friends at an all-you-can-eat restaurant. Normally, this would be the kiss of death for any attempts at eating a reasonable quantity of food. However, I now fully recognize my weakness with respect to food abundance and am able to control my urge to try some of everything and the temptation to eat too much.

My first trip to the troughs was for reconnaissance purposes only. I wandered around to see what was displayed. This let me choose the foods that seemed most tempting. After I had mentally made my pre-selection, I got my appetizers; not too many. Back at the table, I took my time eating while chatting with my table mates.

On the next trip–the main course, I had already picked out what I wanted most during my earlier look around. I put moderate portions of food on my plate and back to the table I went. I took the time to really taste what I was eating. It turns out that there were only two dishes that I truly enjoyed. The rest was edible but I could get a much better meal for the price if I ate elsewhere. I turns out that quantity does not equal quality and, for me, I prefer quality.

My final trip was dessert. Sweets are not my downfall. I tend to eat fruit and seldom have pastries, cookies, or pies. Once again, I knew the items I wanted to try and got only those. Fortunately, they were in small portions. Two of the treats where delicious! Frankly, they were the best part of the meal. Two of the other desserts were okay. The last one I took one bite and left the rest. The taste to calorie ratio wasn’t worth it.

This may all seem like a very ordinary foray into the world of all-you-can-eat but not for me. Yesterday was a triumph. I had finished my meal feeling comfortably full but not overstuffed. Yeah me!

P.S. I would love to hear about your encounters with the all-you-can-eat places. What is your approach or challenge?


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