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Timing is Everything



I meet a lot of people. When they find out what I do and that I used to cook professionally, I very often get the response: “I hate to cook.” On the flip side, a whole bunch of these people love to watch the food network.

I guess it’s like the millions of sports fans who love to watch games but don’t play the sports that they watch. There’s one big difference. You don’t ever have to play sports but you must eat.

Here are a few points that may turn people away from enjoying cooking, or at least getting some satisfaction from making their own meals:

I never know what to make
I’m too tired
It’s too much trouble
It takes too long
Peeling, cutting or generally preparing ingredients is tedious.
I can’t get the timing right to have the vegetables ready at the same time as the meat

As much as I understand the sentiment, the first four bullet points are excuses.

Peeling and cutting ingredients can be tedious and difficult particularly when you have dull knives to work with. I have cooked professionally, so I have a good set of sharp knives. I also have some knives that are not at all expensive.300_Knives

The main point is that they are SHARP. People worry that sharp knives make it more likely that they will cut themselves. The opposite is true. A sharp knife will “bite” into the food whereas a dull knife is more likely to slide off of the surface of the food, right into your hand. A sharp knife also makes it so much easier to cut things. Like any tool, when it’s well maintained, it makes the work easier.

With respect to the final point, it’s possible, with a little pre-planning, to have everything ready at the right time to eat. I’ve created Lorraine’s Easy Dinner, which includes step-by-step timed instructions that tell you exactly what to do and when so that you have the starch, vegetables, protein and dessert ready to serve all at the same time.

300_Peruvian Style Halibut            300_ChocolateMeringue

Once you’ve tried Lorraine’s Easy Dinner, come back to this page and leave your comments below. I’d like to know whether or not my process helped and if you’d like  more of Lorraine’s Easy Dinner.



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