Self-discipline – Do You Have It?

This is part 3 of a 10-part series about the preliminaries to becoming a voice over artist/actor. Gone are the days when you’re invited to the studio, where there’s a voice director, your voice is recorded and the rest is taken care of by a sound technician. This is both good and bad news.Let’s startContinue reading “Self-discipline – Do You Have It?”

Do You Like The Sound of Your Own Voice?

This is the first of a 10-part series that discusses things to consider BEFORE you invest any money and time to launching a voice over career. This is based on my own experience because I want to help you to avoid wasting time, energy and money. So, let’s go! Are you one of these peopleContinue reading “Do You Like The Sound of Your Own Voice?”

10 Questions to Ask About Voice Over Before You Buy That Shiny New Microphone

I’m relatively new to voice over and wanted share what you should do in the correct order if you’re considering going into the Voice Over field rather than stumbling along and wasting time, energy and money…like I did. Before you run out to buy equipment or start building your sound booth, here are 10 questionsContinue reading “10 Questions to Ask About Voice Over Before You Buy That Shiny New Microphone”