Ditch That Diet


Taking the guesswork out of the dreaded question: “What’s for dinner?”
The guilt-free, simple pleasure of dining
No worrying about what’s healthy and what isn’t – it’s done for you
An easy, effective workout routine without going to the gym
Simple ways to relax and reconnect with yourself

In this 6 week online program, you'll learn:
- Easy ways to eat nutritionally balanced meals
- Quick and effective exercises you can do in only 10 minutes per day
- Discover the benefits of 5 minutes of quiet time
- Relaxation and mental reboot activities for your brain

Your takeaway:

A positive, realistic plan that you can incorporate into your busy life

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Need Help With Food Issues? Let’s Talk


The guilt-free, simple pleasure of dining
Freeing your mind of the myriad daily food concerns
Clearing the confusion around “healthy” eating
Understanding what undermines your best intentions to eating healthier meals
Tapping into your core to eliminate the inner talk centered on food guilt

Together, you and I will explore:

The links between your eating choices, your lifestyle and your environment
Why there’s more to weight loss than calories in, calories out through exercise
Why weight is so keen to stay put
Easy ways to eat nutritionally balanced meals for best health

Determine – your specific food struggles and work out a strategy
Detox – replace the crappy food habits with better-for-you options
Discard – the negative thoughts that hold you back from permanent success
Discover – how to continually do what’s best for you

Your takeaway:
Rephrasing your self-talk to more positive outcomes
Developing a tailored for you easy, workable, non-taxing action plan for best health

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Although my journey is only a few months along, the myriad ways I have already changed continues to be a pleasant surprise each and every day.


I found just by changing my mindset based on Lorraine’s suggestions, things have become easier.


It was Lorraine’s guidance that helped me get to the essence of my food desires. I no longer feel overwhelmed; I feel excited, energised, and enabled!