I’m too sexy…Now!





Definition of Sexy: Generally attractive or interesting: appealing

Working your way through the various stages of life there are some things that stay with you forever and others that gradually – sometimes suddenly – disappear. In my case it was feeling sexy. It was gradual but most apparent through what I wore…or didn’t wear to bed.

Baby dollsAs a teenager and young adult, I wore “baby doll” type pyjamas. They were cute and comfortable and just right for that period in my life.

When I lived with my boyfriend/husband-to-be, I didn’t wear anything at all. That was really great in the warmer months but made it a little cold for the winter. However, I had my own heat source lying next to me. It was just a little hard getting out of bed on frigid mornings but it was a small price to pay for feeling sexy.

We married and a few years later our daughter was born. Getting up in the middle of the night to get a baby from a naked state was not going to cut it. By this time, I had started to wear my husband’s discarded Extra-Large T-shirts. You know the type…the giveaways you receive at conferences and tournaments.

T-Let me tell you, those T-shirts suck the sexy feeling right out of you. When I looked in the mirror I found myself to be unattractive and certainly didn’t feel sexy. Fortunately, and bless his heart, my husband still did.
The years passed, my daughter got older and I was still sleeping in the ugly T-shirts until…

One day, we were invited to a “pyjama party” themed event. There was NO WAY that I was going in an oversized T-shirt. I wouldn’t be caught dead in public in one of those. I decided that I would take a page out of the fabulous forties Hollywood movies and get myself a long, satiny nightgown. I found some fabric, a pattern and made my nightgown for the party.

nightgown2I went from drab to fab! Clothes certainly do help you feel confident, glamorous and sexy.
When bedtime came, I thought – this is a pyjama, no need to change into anything else.

The way I felt when I slipped my satin covered body between the crisp bed sheets was fantastic! My entire self-image completely changed. No longer did I feel like a drab, tired housewife and mother. Instead I KNEW that I was attractive, bold, and, of course sexy as hell. I knew I had really hit on something important because the feeling didn’t go away when I got up the next morning.

The euphoria that I had felt the first night I wore my marvelous gown and every night after that, the feeling persisted.

The ugly T-shirts were relegated to the rag pile never to be worn again! That was 10 years ago. Since then I only wear pretty pajamas to match how beautiful, loved and sexy I am.

I know the pressures that come from being everything to everyone – wife, mother, daughter, caregiver, worker – the list goes on. It’s very easy to lose ourselves, to forget that we are all amazing. Not feeling our best impacts how we view and deal with the world. However, there’s one aspect where you have control. Get yourself a really pretty night gown or any other garment; one that makes you feel special and great.

Let me know how that works for you.


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