This is Not a Diet Book

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Lorraine Crowston,

is a wellness strategist and nutritional advisor. Through her work, she has determined that there's more to weight loss and weight gain than calories in and calories out. In this book, she explores the situations and emotions that push people to overeat or not eat at all.

She shares entertaining stories and examples that let you discover nine different food demons.

These food demons influence unsuspecting humans, tempting them with food desires that have nothing to do with physical hunger.

Never before have there been such abundant food choices. More than ever, people are spending much of their mental energy on what to eat, or not to eat and have lost the ability to listen to their own body’s signals for food.

In The Devil’s Food Cake Made Me Do It you'll learn simple and easy strategies to:

• Identify your food demon(s)
• Determine your food demon drivers
• Learn techniques to nourish your body and not the demons
• Allow your body to determine food requirements
• Recognize the triggers that cause you to fall prey to bad eating habits

Adopting these techniques lets you focus on living rather than obsessing about food.