A Quiet Space

This is part 4 of a 10-part series about the preliminaries to becoming a voice over artist/actor.

I mentioned in the previous article, Self-Discipline – Do You Have It? that you’ll likely be working along from a home studio. It brings me to the very important topic of sound recording…not the specifics but do you have a quiet space?

Don’t panic! You may not have space for a full-blown studio build. That’s OK. However, you will need somewhere that has the least noise interference possible. You’d be amazed what shows up on a recording.

So where should you position your recording “studio”. It could a in a closet, under stairs, in a portion of a room that is closed off with sound proofing blankets. My first recording space was a portion of my home office. It was OK but really not great once I become more knowledgeable about sound quality. It was also OK when I was recording in the winter. That’s when I started narrating books. The neighbours all left for work early and the snow deadened the sound.

I discovered how inadequate it was when the flight path for the major airport in the nearby city wound up being over my house and planes flew overhead every three minutes. The next problem arose in the Spring and Covid-19 became a reality. People stayed home and mowed their lawns at the most inconvenient times…to me. Of course, all that extra noise was captured in my recordings. Time for a better solution.

I moved everything into the smallest, most useless walk-in closet ever made that was in my master bedroom. It was used for storage rather than a closet. Thank goodness for Ikea cabinets. I found a new home for what was in that storage space and moved in. That was a game-changer. The sound was SO much better!

Here’s what you need to do. Listen. Really listen to the noises around you; refrigerator hums, air conditioners, air planes flying overhead, cars going by, noisy neighbours. Take not of everything. Now. Move around your living space and find where there’s the least noise. You’ve found where to create a recording space.

In the next article, I’ll discuss the many types of narrations you may want to consider.

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Published by Lorraine Crowston

Voice Over Artist - Corporate Narrations, Audiobooks, Elearning, Instructional or Explainer Videos, Automated Telephone Answering System

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