My Story

I’m a wellness strategist, speaker and author, but that wasn’t always the case.

I used to be part of the corporate machine. My daily routine was to be up early, get ready for work, gird myself in preparation for the daily commute, work all day, commute home, make dinner for my family, clean up and fall into bed exhausted only to repeat the process each day of the week. Some days, were so much harder to get out of bed than others. But it had to be done and it took a lot of willpower.

I eventually realized that my work brought no job satisfaction, despite it being a well-paying office position. I regularly sat in my office and asked myself what I was contributing to the world. It was sobering when the answer was…nothing. The universe works in wonderful and unexpected ways. Just as I realized that it was time for a change, I was laid off from that office job.

However, old habits die hard. I got another job, and another until one day, I simply couldn’t do it anymore. I had enough of the grind, of feeling stressed, tired and depressed. With no safety net, I quit. It wasn’t an easy decision to make: security and misery or insecurity and happiness. I took a chance and reached for happiness. I haven't looked back.

I've been down the road of eating crappy food and pushing myself to total exhaustion. I have experienced the hardships and recovery from burnout. I didn't know then as I do now the warning signals my body was sending me. Change is  a lot of hard work. It requires facing the naysayers and doubters and quieting the internal voices of doubt and fear. I KNOW what it takes to transform from burnout to wellness, from bad habits to healthier ones.  That's why I’m absolutely pumped and ready to help you to pursue your best life.